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The overall use of SureSlim is very VERY useful and effectives. Bought a combo set for my first trial, and loved it from the first sachet! Tasty and juicy tho (Like Asam Boi). I’ve lost 5kg in 2 weeks! 16 days to go…

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This is NOT fake or simply good review because AR is my friend aka colleagues. Writing this for an excellent product that has help me in my weight loss mission. Cut from 50kg to 46kg in no time! No joke!

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Before 90+kg After 82kg
Before 60kg After 52kg
Ahmad Riduan
Ahmad Riduan@lelaqiue_by_arab_creative
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I have managed to lose more than 8kg from 90+kg to 82kg by taking only 14 sachets (2 boxes). With the intention of just wanting to try and its effectiveness is amazing! Highly recommended!
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Selama ni saya dah cuba macam-macam produk untuk kurus, tapi tak pernah berkesan, tapi setelah cuba sureslim , berat saya turun 8kg selepas minum box yang ke-4 , thank you sureslim!! Im so happy!!

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