A potent blend of 100% natural ingredients are our core SureSlim features that give you all the nutrition you need to quickly shed weight and a great source of healthy-gut-promoting probiotics.



Calamansi (Limes) or some says like a tasty Asam Boi! Its an excellent weight reducer as well as a brilliant refresher and anti oxidant drink. The citric acid present in lime is an excellent fat burner. Just have one sachet of SureSlim or a maximum of two a day and see the remarkable result within a week. It is also great for healthy gums.

the directionS

A good day starts with a sachet of SureSlim Fiber Detox drinks. To be taken early in the morning before breakfast. Preferably to be mix with room temperature or cold water for better taste.

Optional for the active one, may consume twice a day; before breakfast & 30mins before workouts or any type of exercise as it will work as energy boosters.




200 ML

Stir / Shake Well – Ready to drink (Taste better cold)


SureSlim Fiber Detox Drinks

The best time to cleanse is once you are feeling bloated, sluggish, unmotivated or if you’re trying to find ways to supplement your healthy routine. Cleansing requires will power, mental prep, determination and therefore the ability to follow through but it’s all worthwhile within the end. Upon completion, you ought to feel a way of lightness, amid glowing skin, better sleep and mental clarity!

Think about why you want to cleanse, to get yourself mentally prepared and excited for the process and results.

Get prepared. The more you prep for your SureSlim Fiber Detox, the smoother the transition is going to be.

Good practice, three days before the cleanse:

Begin phasing out indulgences like coffee, sugar, refined starches (bread, polished rice and pasta), meat, dairy, and alcohol. Up your intake of fresh fruit, greens, and veggies at every meal.

  • Practice healthy, light diets 2 to 3 days before your juice cleanse will ease the hunger craving during juice cleansing is a good practice
  • Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fruits
  • Eliminate the bad such as processed foods, alcohol and fast foods. Besides, avoid caffeine, sugar, dairy as well
  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day (3 Litre)
  • Sleep early and rest well

Think of the purpose and intention why you want to do a juice cleanse if you have the feeling for giving up. Believe us, it’ll be completely worth it in the end.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve officially started your SureSlim Fiber Detox cleanse, you’re on your way to reaping the benefits.

Here are some other tips to make the experience as enjoyable as possible:

Stay hydrated.

Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. (3 liter)

Keep active.

Regular workout routine or ease up with yoga or light walks.


When you’re not focusing on what to eat next, you may start to experience more mental clarity. Meditation can enhance this clarity and help you obtain a greater sense of calm and awareness overall.

  • Start your day with a sachet of SureSlim Fiber Detox early in the morning before breakfast
  • Breakfast is a must and the most important meal of the day
  • Drink plenty of water daily to hydrate yourself (Minimum 3 Litre)
  • Avoid coffee. You may substitute with green tea or herbal tea
  • Don’t limit yourself, keep a healthy lifestyle. Get active, do some workout, sports or light exercise such as walks, stretching or yoga
  • Sleep early and rest well

Remember don’t fall in the trap of thinking, “My cleanse is done, I’ve got what I want, I can go back to my old habits”. Continue consuming fresh healthy foods, stay active and keep track on your weight gain.

With the allure of solid food closer than ever, you will probably start to wonder how to come out of the SureSlim Fiber Detox and maintain the results of your hard work. It’s likely that whatever indulgences you were enjoying before the cleanse are not the first things that appeal to you. You might even find that your attitude towards food has changed and that you’re craving healthier things now.

Regardless, the key to incorporating solid food back into your diet is to do it SLOWLY.

And you may quit consuming SureSlim Fiber Detox as you achieved your objectives; target weight and healthier body.

  • Return gradually to eating solid foods after your cleanse starting with fruits and salads
  • Involve yourself in some exercises and be physically active
  • Remember to have a balanced diet and maintain your healthy diet all the time

Get sureslim fiber detox now!

I’m ready for the challenge! Take me there.


Can I drink SureSlim after food?

Absolutely NO! Recommended to be taken with an empty stomach for effectiveness.

Why should I drink SureSlim Fiber Detox?

Do you want to feel lighter and brighter, have more energy, get better sleep, have beautifully glowing skin and most importantly lose some weight?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then SureSlim Fiber Detox is right for you.

Detox or Cleansing, as it is most commonly known is a way of taking someone’s health and mind-body connection to the next level. Each formulated ingredients is packed with individual features therefore giving the body a boost of clean health. It is the most natural way of hitting your body’s RESET button and it allows a person to make space and get rid of the junk in order to enjoy a sense of well-being and a full body Re-START.

Does cleansing result in more requent restroom usage?

You can bet that if you’re only ingesting liquid, and due to the diuretic effects of the lemon & other ingredients you will inevitably be going. It is very dependent on the digestive tract and eating habits of every individual. Each person is different, but it’s not uncommon for your bowels to become stagnant during a cleanse. Some people have no trouble with elimination (since juicing fruits & veggies gives you plenty of fiber) while others will not pass a single movement for while cleansing.

How often can I drink per day?

As we mentioned before, cleanses can be done once or twice a day. Need to be taken on an empty stomach early in the morning before breakfast and 30 minutes before hard workout (sports or gym) for an active person.

Not recommended to take more than two (2) sachet daily.

Should I drink water during this cleanse?

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Many people often forget to drink plenty of regular H2O during their cleanse. When a body isn’t getting enough water, it will be more tempted to hold onto the water inside of it – this is what is known as water weight and what can cause the number on the scale to climb. Along with regular H20, you can have as much tea (green and herbal) as you like. This will keep your energy levels up and prevent crashing and/or headaches.

Recommended to drink a minimum of 8 glass or 3 litres per day.

Can I exercise or do I need to workout?

If your body feels up to working out, go for it!

It not compulsory but it is recommended and often highly beneficial for best result. Spend at least 10 minutes daily with light exercise such as walking, stretching and light yoga and trust the process 🙂

Can I drink coffee?

While it is not recommended to drink coffee while on cleansing (black coffee on an empty stomach may cause gastric irritation in some people) if you are a die hard coffee junkie we don’t recommend you going off of coffee cold turkey either! We don’t want any of those negative side effects that can come with caffeine-withdrawal, so feel free to drink it. Additionally, our SureSlim Fiber Detox has green coffee bean extract which gives you a nice boost of caffeine and was specifically formulated with our coffee drinkers in mind. 

Can I eat solid food while I cleanse?

While a detox cleanse is a challenge, it isn’t meant to be physically uncomfortable or painful. If you are starving and feel you simply can’t go a moment longer without food, please do eat! (Just eat healthy!) Think natural, raw, clean foods. You can have small amount of nuts, raw fruit, raw vegetables or a broth-based (vegetable, low sodium) soup of your choice. As long as you don’t eat a cheeseburger, you don’t have to consider your cleanse compromised or any less effective. 

Will I lose weight?

Weight loss is about pulling excess body fat out of your fat cells and burning it for fuel. When that happens, your fat cells shrink and you lose pounds and inches. When you step on a scale, the number you see is not just reflective of your body fat. It is also showing the weight of your muscle, bone, organs, fluids, glycogen and the waste inside your digestive tract you haven’t eliminated yet. When that number on the scale changes, it’s mostly due to fluctuations in the amount of water, and waste in your body, which are constantly shifting from day to day. Losing actual body fat requires creating a calorie deficit, and those results take much longer to show up on a scale. When it comes to weight loss, it’s all about the math. You simply must burn off more calories than you consume. The secret formula: 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat. If you create a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, in 7 days, you would have lost 1 pound. In the end, we are strong proponents that the only way to achieve sustainable weight loss is through consistent, long-term diet and exercise.

SureSlim help with weight management and reduce water retention. While the purpose is to give our digestive system a rest and eliminate toxins, most of the time you may find that you lose weight as your body flushes our excess water and toxins. Cleansing on regular basis will help to restore natural balance and enhance your shape.

How do SureSlim kick-start weight loss?

Keep in mind that a cleanse re-energises the body and acts as an immune boost, it is not meant to be a weight-loss miracle, although it will surely work to debloat you and promote a feeling of lightness!. Although most of our customers do report seeing the number on the scale drop, cleansing is about wellness. SureSlim will kick-start your weight loss efforts by ridding you of that pesky water weight and help your stomach get used to consuming foods in smaller quantities and more frequent intervals.

Is it ok to consume if I am taking medication?

Although most medications are fine to take with the cleanse, we suggest speaking with your physician before starting the cleanse because some medications require eating solid foods.

I am working on night shift, waking up evening next day. Can I drink?

No matter what time you sleep or waking up. Yes! You’re able to consume any time or day u prefer as long as mention earlier, it need to be taken with an empty stomach. The effects will be the same.

Can I consume while breastfeeding, nursing or pregrant?

Unfortunately, there are not enough studies done to indicate if it safe (or otherwise) to cleanse while breastfeeding, nursing, or pregnant.  Please consult your physician. Detox cleanses are low in calories, fats and protein, all of which are needed to fuel breastmilk production. Once you are done with your pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, you can definitely do a detox cleanse to help you get into pre-baby weight!


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