Detox and Cleanse 2020: What’s the Difference?

Detox and cleanse

From juice cleanses to water fasting and supplement-based programs, there’s certainly no shortage of detox and cleanse packages available.

Offering a jumpstart to health, weight loss and vitality, cleanses and detoxes are alluring to people trying to lose weight, boost brain power, lower inflammation and fight cravings.

Alluring to people who’re trying to reduce , boost brain power, lower inflammation and fight hunger and cravings alike, these plans offer a jump-start to raised health, weight loss and vitality.

With a saturated marketplace and catchy advertising, it’s hard to know which program to choose, when to embark on detox vs. cleanse, and why to choose one over the other.

We’re here to clear up the confusion. Cleanses and detoxes are similar in that they both center on a diet of clean, healthy foods that are light and nutrient-dense.

Although their outcome may be slightly different based on the protocol you choose, both promote for feeling “better” afterward, especially in regard to energy, cravings and bloating.

Often used interchangeably, once you understand their differences, you’ll see that cleanses and detoxes are separate entities, each with a unique purpose when it comes to total body health.

A “cleanse” often describes a clean eating program that’s loaded with real, wholesome and minimally-processed foods. While cleanses typically last a week or less, some may span an entire month, if not more.

With a primary goal of giving the digestive system a much-needed rest, cleanses help fight bloating while supporting bowel regularity. They’re also a great way to maintain health in between detoxes.

A “detox” takes cleansing to the next level. A proper detoxification program will effectively take you through all three phases of liver detoxification – toxin release, neutralisation and elimination.

This ensures that harmful toxins, which naturally accumulate over time, are completely eliminated from the body.

Detoxification essentially takes the trash out from your liver and kidneys, the primary channels of detoxification, to restore your body on a deep cellular level.

A true detoxification program will last anywhere from a few days to a week. Afterward, you’ll not only feel less bloated, but also restored and revitalised from the inside out.

Aside from better mental clarity, hunger and cravings subside, hormones rebalance and energy soars.

With constant exposure to polluted air, pesticides, furniture off-gassing, synthetic materials, and chemical-laden beauty, home and personal care products, regular cleansing and detoxification is ESSENTIAL to health maintenance and disease prevention.

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