chocolate latte flavour 

premix chocolate latte drink with green coffee extract and MCT lipid powder.

Why we called as MellyBell?

To long to mention as
“Meal replacement for you body”.. so i have created a catchy name MellyBell for easy conversation.


Is a meal replacement to provide complete nutrients which is available in powder form that can be mixed with milk or water. AlianaRiich Enterprise has extensive knowledge on food nutritions and wants to help Malaysians to overcome weight gain issues, overeating, difficulties in following diet, busy daily routines and many others. “I enjoy eating very much” said the founder of AlianaRiich.

MellyBell will help you get all the nutrition your body needs & also assist you to control excessive calorie intake. It is suitable with our often busy schedules on current affairs and also very economical.


product benefit

Meal replacement


natural weight loss, look great and feel healthy.

How To Consume mellyBell

step 1

take 1 sachet mix with 150ml of warm water or room temperature water.

step 2

stir well and ready to drink. take 1 sachets per day.

cut sugar & sweet drinks

say no to fast food

don’t stress, be happy

drink water 3 liter daily

AlianaRiich Enterprise 

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